Get Around Your Engagment Expenses


You just got engaged. Congratulations! You’re probably really excited and ready to shout from the mountain tops that you’re getting married. But what you probably haven’t thought about are all of the little things that go along with getting engaged. You’ll want to send out engagement announcements, have an engagement party, take engagement photos, put an announcement in the paper, have your parents and your fiance’s parents meet and of course, you’ll definitely need an engagement ring. While all of those things are wonderful and can be a lot of fun, they can also cost you a lot of money.

Engagement Parties

As soon as you announce your engagement, you’ll find that friends and relatives will start asking about your engagement party. Having an engagement party is a lot of fun, but offering food and drink for 50 or more people can get costly. If you’re fortunate to have good friends, they may offer to host the party for you and let you off the hook for the expenses. If you end up doing the party on your own, consider having a cocktail party or wine tasting party to lighten the amount of food that you’ll need. A wine tasting party can be a great idea when you ask each party-goer to bring a bottle of their favorite wine. Another good thing about engagement parties is that they present another opportunity for you to receive gifts in order to build your household. If you need particular items like kitchenware, go with that theme for the party.

Ordering Engagement Announcements

When you get engaged, you’ll want to let your friends and family know about the good news with engagement announcements. Just like do-it-yourself wedding invitations, you can make your own engagement announcements from a word processing program and a printer in your home. Order cardstock online or get it from a craft store and fashion the type on your computer. Another way to save on engagement announcements is to do them as a postcard. You can order engagement announcement postcards online and send them out. Postcard stamps are cheaper than regular mail stamps, so you save money on the mailing as well.

Getting Engagement Rings

No woman feels truly engaged until she has an engagement ring on her finger. The problem is that these days, engagement rings seem to be getting more and more expensive. But there are ways to get a good deal and find an inexpensive engagement ring. You can save money by checking out online jewelers like Blue Nile or buying your ring in a duty-free location like the US Virgin Islands. Another way to lessen the expense is to purchase a smaller diamond at your engagement and “trade up” at a later date like your 3rd wedding anniversary.

Placing an Engagement Announcement in the Paper

After you’ve had your engagement photos taken, the next step is to place an engagement announcement in the paper. The main ways to save on engagement announcements are to place a smaller announcement in the paper or place your photo in a secondary newspaper. Lots of cities support more than one newspaper and the secondary sources of news offer more reasonable prices for announcements. That way, you get your announcement in print but it costs you a little less.

Taking Engagement Photos

You and your fiance will want to get photos taken to mark the occasion of your engagement. If you’re like most couples, these photos may be the first professional ones you’ve ever taken together. You’ll want them to be nice. What you can do to save money on engagement photos, is to limit the number of prints you buy, take the photos at an inexpensive photo studio or have one of your friends take the photos with a digital camera and have prints made that way. Another way to save some cash is to tell the photographer that you’re just taking couples photos instead of engagement photos – that way you’ll avoid any pricey engagement package that the photographer may offer.

Miscellaneous Travel

When you get married, it is a merging of families. So, its no wonder that getting engaged also involves families. Often, you and your fiance need to travel to different cities in order to meet with each other’s parents. Your fiance may want to ask your father for your hand, or both of your parents may still need to be introduced to each other. No matter what the situation is, there’s a good chance that you’ll be doing some traveling during the early stages of your engagement. Like everything else, travel can get expensive especially if there is an airplane involved. To help lessen the costs, try to use frequent flier miles for any flights you need to take and stay at your parents’ home instead of in a hotel.

Now you have a few tips on keeping the costs of your engagement under control. Using these tips and common sense will help you save money on your engagement so you’ll have lots leftover for your wedding.

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