Curly Hair Ideas For Your Wedding Day


The wedding season is knocking on the door and brides to be are looking for ways to make their appearance beautiful and unforgettable. While the best wedding dress is one way to go about it (and a desired way, of course), another aspect of making the wedding one to be remembered and talked about for a long time is using curly hair ideas.

Now why do I say curly and why not straight? The most recent beauty studies have shown that 2011 is all about curly hair. If you have curls, great, if not, you need to get yourself a gadget that turns those straight strands into pretty curls and swirls.

Of course curly hair is THE hair to have at a wedding in 2011 and maybe even beyond. So how can you ensure that you do get those great curls, without becoming a copycat of the previous bride that just came out of the church?

Here are some tips that can help you achieve great curls in your hair without becoming a model of the 80s.

First you need to get in the right frame of mind. Trust me, if you don’t like curls, it will show on your face, no matter how pretty your head is. You have to learn to love those curls. Just think about the romantic feel that they give you on your naked shoulder. And above all, feel the eyes of the groom following the trail of those curls ending just above the top of the dress. Trust me, I should know, I’m a guy after all!

Next you need to have one of those curly irons. It really doesn’t matter which brand you get since afterall the modern curling irons are quite sophisticated and technologically advanced, so you will end up with some great locks without burning your hair when using any of them.

Speaking of curls, you can actually achieve two different looks using the iron. You can either have a smooth and well-combed look, or a lightly frizzy look like those Hollywood stars have these days. If a few strands fall away from the neatly packed curls, it’s actually quite welcome for a little fuzzy look.

Another important tip I can give you is to use a lot of hair conditioner starting a few weeks prior to the wedding. This will ensure that your hair is getting that nice volume that is needed for those exquisite curls and that it is healthy enough to withstand the heat coming from the iron. Even if your hair is naturally curly, using hair conditioner after every hair-wash will make your strands really look the part at a wedding. They will be shiny and the hydrated strands will make them really be healthy.

Finally a last tip that should really help you with your bridal dressing. Some stylists say to avoid washing your hair just before the wedding. I say just the opposite. Wash your hair the night before and let it air-dry. This will ensure that a little frizz is there the next day and the clean hair will make curling it much easier. After all it will be free of dirt, dust and oils that would make it look slack and lifeless.

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