Wedding Hairstyles – Choosing a Wedding Hair Style

Choosing a hairstyle for your wedding can be as tricky as choosing the dress, but fortunately there are hundreds of bridal magazines and websites that offer detailed pictures and guides to creating that perfect look.

Because this is a special day it would be a good idea to book a professional wedding stylist, who will be able to advise you on styles that suit your hair and face shape. They will also be able to create some rehearsal styles for you before the wedding, so that you can get a good idea of how you hair will look on the day.

The main concern most women have when choosing a wedding hairstyles is whether to have their hair up or down. Basically ‘up dos’ suit more formal weddings, as they create a very elegant, classic look. Higher ‘up dos’, where the hair is piled on the top of the head compliment and balance round faces shapes, whereas those with longer faces will suit hair that is styled out to the sides more, with some width and volume. Think about whether you wear your hair up normally, as some ‘up dos’ can be quite tightly pulled away from your face and can be uncomfortable if you are not used to it. If you have a wide face consider having some tendrils of hair teased free of the main do, to soften and feminize your features. Another consideration is the type of dress you are wearing. If it is a low-cut or off-the-shoulder dress you may feel very exposed it all your hair is styled up and away. ‘Down dos’ can create a softer, romantic, and more youthful look. This suits more informal weddings and less glamorous dresses.

Another consideration is whether you have curly or straight hair. As this is a special day you may want to consider how you normally have your hair, straight or curly, and then choose the opposite to create a totally new look. It is very popular these days to have curly hair at weddings, and the variations are endless from soft, romantic loose curls, to tight, high volume spirals. If you would like straight hair, then it must be glossy and in good condition, so make sure you get a good basic cut first to get rid of dry, split ends, and then use straighteners to create that sleek, glossy look.

Veils are not so popular these days, but if you would like to wear one it must be a part of your hairstyle. This style will need to be sturdy enough to hold the veil in place and as a general rule the hair should never be longer than the veil itself.

Tiara’s are still a popular accessorize for bridal hair, and you can buy many different shapes and designs to suit both your dress and hairstyle. A tiara suits ‘up dos’, and creates a very classic elegant look, but it can also look fantastic against a background of high volume curls. Consider your hair colour when you are choosing a tiara, as you will need it to be visible, but not stand out too much.

Other accessories for your wedding hairstyle include jewels, flowers and pearls. Jewelled clips are wonderful for adding an extra bit of sparkle to your hair, and silk flower clips can compliment the colour scheme of your dress. Flowers can also be mounted on combs or grips and used to liven up simple french pleats and twists, or used as a garland to wear around the crown of the head, to suit medieval themed dresses. For that truly elegant, classic look a chignon draped with a loop of pearls is stunning and timeless.

You might want to consider hair extensions or hairpieces if you have short hair, or hair that is in bad condition. Hair extensions should be applied by a specialist, and can be a great way of giving your hair a real boost in volume and length. You will need to take a lot of care of your extensions though, so if you are going on a honeymoon straight after the wedding that involves lots of water sports or outdoor activities, it may not be a good idea to invest in hair extensions. Hairpieces are great for a temporary boost to volume, and can be a good way of achieving a glamorous style with fine, shorter hair.

Choosing the Right Wedding Planning Company for Your Big Day

Just after that beautiful proposal from your fiancée, starts the stress and frustration of wedding planning. But nowadays this is not as tough as before as various wedding planning companies are available in the market to help you with all the arrangements.

The expression “wedding planner” is often the most used term to describe the professionals who assist in wedding arrangements, however there is still not a consensus in the industry and various other terms like consultant, coordinator, wedding designer, event director, event producer and wedding stylist, also keep emerging. So, is there any distinction amongst these designations or are they just a marketing gimmick?

Following explanation about various types of wedding planners and the assortment of services they offer, will help you in deciding the kind of wedding planning company, you want for your wedding:

• Wedding Planners

Basically a wedding producer or planner from wedding planning companies uses your ideas, visions and thoughts to plan and arrange your big day. They have liaisons with different wedding service providers and help you put together all the arrangements to the every tiny detail. Usually wedding planners hold a valid professional degree in event or hospitality management from a certified establishment. They are well aware about all the customs, wedding etiquette and procedures. They are generally quite experienced and their fee ranges from 10k to 40k.

• Wedding Consultant

These professionals usually guide and supervise the wedding arrangements. They play a key role in planning and offer active suggestions. They also refer good vendors for wedding arrangements, but handling and negotiating a deal with them will be your job. They assist in scheduling the wedding day events and are present on site to supervise all preparations on your special day. They are usually less experienced than wedding planners and their fees can range from 2.5k to 10k.

• Wedding Stylist

Also called wedding architects or designers, wedding stylists basically work on making your dream wedding vision a reality. They have professional training in interior designing, floral arrangements and fashion. They not only offer the planning services but take care of the designing aspect as well. Their fees can range anywhere from 5k to 20k.

Many budget-conscious couples decide to opt for the DIY route to save on the wedding and believe that they can always hire a planner at a later stage if they get into a fix. However, this is not always possible. Though, some wedding planning companies provide their services especially for the wedding day, but this is a majorly flawed strategy. This is because it is almost impossible for any planner, irrespective of how experienced he is, to coordinate and take care of all preparations without having met various vendors beforehand and without having a proper insight about the vision the couple has. Therefore, no matter what you do and which wedding planning company you hire to plan your big day, make sure you give them at least a month to 45 days to plan and implement everything flawlessly.

Curly Hair Ideas For Your Wedding Day

The wedding season is knocking on the door and brides to be are looking for ways to make their appearance beautiful and unforgettable. While the best wedding dress is one way to go about it (and a desired way, of course), another aspect of making the wedding one to be remembered and talked about for a long time is using curly hair ideas.

Now why do I say curly and why not straight? The most recent beauty studies have shown that 2011 is all about curly hair. If you have curls, great, if not, you need to get yourself a gadget that turns those straight strands into pretty curls and swirls.

Of course curly hair is THE hair to have at a wedding in 2011 and maybe even beyond. So how can you ensure that you do get those great curls, without becoming a copycat of the previous bride that just came out of the church?

Here are some tips that can help you achieve great curls in your hair without becoming a model of the 80s.

First you need to get in the right frame of mind. Trust me, if you don’t like curls, it will show on your face, no matter how pretty your head is. You have to learn to love those curls. Just think about the romantic feel that they give you on your naked shoulder. And above all, feel the eyes of the groom following the trail of those curls ending just above the top of the dress. Trust me, I should know, I’m a guy after all!

Next you need to have one of those curly irons. It really doesn’t matter which brand you get since afterall the modern curling irons are quite sophisticated and technologically advanced, so you will end up with some great locks without burning your hair when using any of them.

Speaking of curls, you can actually achieve two different looks using the iron. You can either have a smooth and well-combed look, or a lightly frizzy look like those Hollywood stars have these days. If a few strands fall away from the neatly packed curls, it’s actually quite welcome for a little fuzzy look.

Another important tip I can give you is to use a lot of hair conditioner starting a few weeks prior to the wedding. This will ensure that your hair is getting that nice volume that is needed for those exquisite curls and that it is healthy enough to withstand the heat coming from the iron. Even if your hair is naturally curly, using hair conditioner after every hair-wash will make your strands really look the part at a wedding. They will be shiny and the hydrated strands will make them really be healthy.

Finally a last tip that should really help you with your bridal dressing. Some stylists say to avoid washing your hair just before the wedding. I say just the opposite. Wash your hair the night before and let it air-dry. This will ensure that a little frizz is there the next day and the clean hair will make curling it much easier. After all it will be free of dirt, dust and oils that would make it look slack and lifeless.