Wedding Accessories, Accessorize in Style

Wedding accessories don’t just have to be for the bride and groom, the entire family can be brilliantly adorned parts of the wedding party. Wedding accessories like necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and pins can all be a veritable treasure trove of wedding ideas. Classic, modern, or fancy, a wedding accessory can be something that can bring a wedding together. So don’t make a faux pas while choosing that special something to wear on neck, doublet, or cuffs.

A woman’s wedding accessories have a certain style and grace. Modern wedding accessories don’t have to be huge and gaudy. They can be slick and savvy in the finest metals. Technology for jewelry has been unsurpassed in this day and age with carbon fiber and other new fads setting the trend for jewelry. To be chic and in mode jewelry should be something that can be shown off as the epitome of the new age. A woman’s accessories don’t have to be the traditional gold or silver, they should complement the style of the wedding dress. Small details count the most when choosing wedding accessories. The bride and groom’s favorite flower or symbol can be included or etched within their rings, necklaces, or cufflinks giving a singular style throughout the ceremony in the spirit of unity. A nicely made and engraved necklace that matches the groom’s cufflinks can be a wonderful addition to the bride’s trousseau and gives a bit of pizazz to her wedding gown. It could even hold a special message from the groom to the bride, expressing the feeling of eternal love and joy.

A modern and snappy groom shouldn’t be left out when choosing wedding accessories. His input should be added onto the bride’s. He might want something fun and unique as a wedding accessory like a pay of comedic or patriotic cufflinks showing his personality as he walks down the aisle. Even the groomsmen can get into the spirit by having a matching cufflinks style as the groom. The groom and groomsmen can have fun and still be stylish with handmade silver and wonderful printing. Each cufflinks is finely detailed and would be a wonderful reminder of your wedding for years to come. Even things like lighters, key chains, and pens can be wonderfully inscribed accessories for a modern groom.

Bring the wedding from drab to fab with stylish wedding accessories that sparkle and shine. A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity to dress to the nines. A groom’s suit and a bride’s gown would be deemed lacking if there weren’t any accessories to brighten them up. A great necklace or a wonderful classic set of earrings can make or break a bride’s dress. A groom wouldn’t be looking as dapper as he met his bride at the end of the aisle without those few trinkets of silver or gold. Wedding accessories are a very important part of the wedding day. When looking down the aisle at your new bride or groom you’ll remember that day, not just for your partner, but for what he or she is wearing. Everyone wants to look like the perfect prince or princess for their mate, so accessorize with taste and class not just for you, but for them.

Wedding Hair Styles – Making the Right Decision

You’ve chosen the dress, the colour scheme, the venue and the food but there is still the conundrum of what to do with your hair. Flicking through hairstyle magazines or having a look online is a good place to start if you have no idea what kind of ‘do’ you’d like. The style you choose will depend on a number of factors, such as; the style of dress, your hair type, your budget or ability to do the style yourself on the day. Another thing to consider is the weather. The weather? Yes, the weather! Every woman knows that a touch of damp in the air can cause luscious curly locks to turn into a frizzy mess in a matter of minutes, and no one wants to smell like a can of hairspray on a blisteringly hot day. So choose your style wisely. There are a plethora of hairdressers offering wedding hair consultations, so if you have decided to hire a professional, book an appointment well in advance and go along to discuss your requirements. If your wedding gown has been lovingly embroidered or has a sexy low back, then show it off with a glorious up-do. Use your hair as part of the overall outfit and make the most of every detail.

Hair ‘up-do’ for troublesome locks

For those looking for something to withstand even the heaviest gale, a tight bun or plait is always a good idea. If the weather or your hair is likely to be unpredictable then choosing to tie your hair back tightly can save a lot of worry and time fixing things on the day.

Tussled tresses at al fresco weddings

Keeping subtle curls or poker straight long hair loose and gathered around the shoulders can look beautiful at any wedding, but is particularly well suited for outside ceremonies in warmer climates. Add flowers or accessories to accentuate the femininity.

Keep it short. Keep it simple

Having short hair on your wedding day doesn’t have to be boring. Think 1920s flapper chic with adorable finger waves or a classic bob dressed with pearls for a sophisticated style with impact.

Uncomplicated doesn’t mean uninteresting

Sometimes the most effortless things can be the best, and keeping hair tied back in an attractive low ponytail with loosely curled ends can be truly elegant.

The bride is by far the most important woman to grace the day, however spare a thought for the bridesmaids, maid of honour and even mother of the bride. While every effort is made to ensure you’re looking picture perfect, time will need to be spent finding the right hairstyles for others in the wedding party. As when choosing their outfits, it is best to consult with your bridesmaids on what styles best suit their hair types and if they have a preference. Although in the end the decision is yours, it is worth getting right; as having a hair disaster standing alongside you at the alter isn’t anyone’s idea of fun!

Saying Congratulations To A Newly Engaged Couple

Expressing your happiness and your feelings to a newly engaged couple is very important! Words of happiness, love and congratulations for a wedding engagement are best when these words come from the heart. In some cases, people prefer to write a message about the newly engaged couple, however, this can be difficult especially if you are not good with words. Here you can try these simple tips on how to express your happiness for the newly engaged couple. There are simple methods to let them know how much you care for the both of them. However, saying these words can be tricky so if that’s the case, you can send them out by using SMS, e-mail, letter, or card.

Couple who will be having an engagement will surely be so happy to hear words of happiness, support, love, and thoughtfulness. There are so many ways to send your engagement wishes for your beloved friends. You may send these messages and wishes through SMS, e-mail, letter, or card. You can even make a designed item for them. You can be creative in sending these wishes to the engaged couple. Here are few of the engagement wishes you could use!

• Friends, congratulations on your engagement! We hope you’ll be happy together. Stay in love!

• We wish your life to be as happy as today, on the day of your engagement. Congratulations to you both!

• From this day of your engagement until the forever may your life be full of genuine love! We are happy for the both of you!

• How can you not be in high spirits for people so much in love? Happy engagement! I am happy for you! Congratulations!

• Hold close to life and love in this new stage in togetherness. Enjoy your day!

• Growing old with the love of your life has got to be the greatest and the supreme feeling in the world.

• You’ve started with the engagement and now it’s time for the wedding preparation. I wish you both endurance to get to that special day, and love to last a lifetime! Wish you more love!

• The beauty of love is that you get to share it together. May that love be as strong and lovely in 50 years as it is today on your engagement. Have blissful years ahead!

• Engagement is the moment between two people that makes them truly understand how important they are to each other. This is the time to cherish. Happy engagement!

Engagement Gifts: Getting It Right

Let’s face it. Most folks know the drill for giving wedding gifts. In our cyberspace world, it’s all too easy to buy prezzies online at the drop of a hat. But when it comes to giving engagement gifts, that’s a different story…

Engagement Gift Etiquette

Usually, after an engagement, it’s appropriate to send a congratulatory card to the happy couple, but presents for engagement can also be a thoughtful, sentimental gesture.

That said, the bride and groom-to-be should not expect engagement presents from friends and family. This special occasion’s all about people coming together to celebrate the news before the wedding madness commences.

Marriage symbolizes two individuals coming together to become one. However, during the engagement period, they’re still two separate persons. Therefore, it stands to reason you should give gifts that reflect that. For instance, giving engagement presents that can be shared – such as towels, dishes and so on – are a no-go. Instead, give gifts that can be enjoyed individually.

Unlike the wedding where the couple has planned a gift registry, engagement presents for couples can be anything you like, within reason, of course! There are a few engagement present ideas you should steer clear of…

If you were thinking of getting PlayStation games for “both” of them… don’t. Let’s face it, she wouldn’t play, it’d just be him!

And before you impose your own (wacky) taste, just be sure you know the couple really well otherwise you might be met with bewildered stares. If you’re unsure of their taste, it’s best to go for simple, practical engagement gifts ideas you know they’ll use like a (returnable) home item or a gift voucher to a local restaurant.

Perhaps one of the worst engagement gift ideas is something re-gifted, i.e. giving something you got as a gift, but don’t want. Even if your gift is brand-spanking-new and unused, it’s tacky to pass it off as something you bought for your newly engaged friends.

Here’s how to help the couple start their marriage off on the right track. The keyword here is personalization

Personalized Engagement Gifts

First and foremost, the gift doesn’t need to be extravagant. No siree. It can be a small token of appreciation, a way to congratulate and convey your good wishes.

If you’re seeking unusual engagement gifts, happily, there’s a solution. These days, ladies and gents, there are such things as personalized engagement presents. These come in the form of photo frames, candles, soaps, jewelry, engraved gifts, monogrammed gifts, glassware, cufflinks, wedding planners and more.

With these gifts, you can personalize them individually with each of their names, or even add both couples’ names on to your gift turning it into a thoughtful, useful keepsake they’ll treasure long after the party.

Instead of opting for gifts that lack that personal touch, choose personalized gifts instead. These presents will get your message of love across to the said couple and also ensure they cherish your gift forever and ever and ever.